Published on June 2, 2016 by justinashar

Will the Real Life “Fifty Shades of Grey” please stand up?  Classic Justin moment trolling ABC News.  I promise this wasn’t planned.

Story: @heyitzkristina and I flew in from Hawaii last Thursday and being severely jet-lagged, we wanted to chill and watch a late-night movie.  When we got to the theater, I saw a camera turn to me, and I reacted accordingly.  I had no idea what this was for.  Well, the following Wednesday, a woman approached me and told me she saw me on TV during a BDSM news article?! WTF!! I googled “Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Premiere in Houston, Texas” and finally stumbled upon an ABC News video capturing this classic moment. @RebeccaSpera

Watch the full video here:

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