Published on June 2, 2016 by justinashar

Praying to a higher non-religious supreme being for that +$1.3 Billion Powerball ticket. Another classic moment trolling a News station.

Story: @heyitzkristina and I flew in from India and our tires needed some air. I knew this one particular gas station that had an air machine, but I needed coins from inside. When I went in, a news camera was there for some world record lottery game worth over a billion dollars. I didn’t even know what it was as I’ve been overseas for months and was severely jetlagged at that moment. They told me they wanted to interview me, so I ended up buying a ticket for $2… They asked me what I’d do with the money, and I said a bunch of ridiculousness like buying a Red a Room of Pain from “Fifty Shades of Grey” and even performed some yoga poses as my good luck charms. I gave them a lot of material to work with…

Watch the full video here:

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