#HarmoniumLove (SREYAS Remix)

I’m back with a new video! This time I teamed up with SREYAS, and we remixed ‪Justin Bieber‬’s “‪Love Yourself‬” with the ‪harmonium‬ and ‪tabla‬ to give it that ‪Indian‬ spice. 🙂 I want to thank every one of you who sent me a video of themselves for this project. It turned out amazing, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! <3 Follow us on Instagram/Snapchat for more: @djashar + @sreyasmusic

#HarmoniumLove (SREYAS Remix)

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J. Ashar – harmonium/video production
SREYAS – tabla/music production
Anish Menon and his friends, Arøxel Funmedy, Bobby Reddy, Brette Seffens from Hip-Hop classes with Brette Seffens, Bryan Heyrowski, Davina Davidson, Dhruv Manocha, Eliseo Garcia Jr., Fadi Sid and his friends, Grace Burch, Habib Ur Rahman, Jamie Phillips from Modern Gravity Float Studio, Jason D’Souza, Jeff Hilliard from CrossFit FrameWork, Joseph Seahorn, Kim-Jamy Nguyen, Kristina Nguyen, Mahima Banerjee, Marcel Lebas, Martin Garza, Milly Chacko, Roger Rippy from YogaOne Studios, Saad Suhail, Sahil Tah and his friends, Sameer Khan, Samiran Pramanik, Seung Park, Steffanie Hoang, Tequila Rose, Wade Holland aka Chef W from Ba$ement Muzik and his friend, Willy Ngo, Vince Nguyen, and anybody else who submitted anything (I know I’m missing people). I am truly sorry if your video didn’t make the final cut. Please reach out to me if that’s the case. – video submissions

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